Nice to meet you

Hickery Pickery was founded by Danit Ben Artsi Lahav, first time mom, a multi platform designer, inspired by her sweet baby girl Nulie, and her love for nature.

We love cuddling, and we love our babies, so we'd like to welcome you to join our family while wrapping your baby with the softest of linens.

Hickery Pickery embraces slow living, family values, togetherness, and of course a great love to nature.

Nature influence us. We appreciate all the good that it holds. We wish to bring nature closer to you and cuddle your baby with endless softness.

Hickery Pickery takes responsibility towards our planet, therefore all of our products are 100% eco tex ecological cotton. Patterns are hand drawn and printed with natural

colors, especially for babies. We use recycled or perishable paper only.